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Bezz Believe

Hip Hop Artist Bezz Believe has been seriously pursuing a music career since the age of twelve. Blessed with an uncanny ability to conjure up mind blowing lyrics, in combination with an off the wall swagger filled delivery; Bezz’s slick tongue has shocked listeners across the globe. Conceived in Phoenix Arizona, Bezz relocated to the Sunshine State of Florida at the age of four.Since his arrival, he has bounced from city to city, and spent some time living in Miami, Coral Springs, Palm Beach, Fort Myers and his current place of residence Orlando, Fl. Bezz considers himself a Southern boy, with aNew York state of mind. Due to the fact, he predominantly gravitated toward music coming out of the Northern region of the United States while growing up. Though as time passed by, his musical tastes and interests also expanded. A more mature Believe now prides himself on musical versatility, and claims it to be one of his strongest attributes. Bezz is truly that industry Hybrid, who has successfully formulated a style in which remains genuine to the essence of classic “New York Hip Hop”, while incorporating the “Swagg” factor glamorized in todays South. Aren’t quite convinced? Take a listen for yourself, and “Bezz Believe” you will be!