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Deep Roy


Deep Roy is one of the little people who play bigger-than-life characters both on the big screen and television. He has a great deal of love in his heart. He’s often said, “The most important thing is never to forget to always have love in your heart.”

His roles as Ewok, Droppy and R2D2 in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back have endeared him to millions of movie-goers throughout the world. And now he’s winning hearts in homes across America as Teeny Weeny in The Never Ending Story and the unforgettable elf in Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story.

Between roles, Deep Roy is an avid writer. He’s completed a music-demo of Pettycoat Lane. A musical he co-wrote for the stage and a Stephen King style sci-fi thriller he’s written entitled Requiem Of The Unborn, ready for production.